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Your personal style is also an expression of your personality – this means, a style coaching is also  for your personal growth. 
Discover in your personal style consultations, what kind of clothing really looks great on you, what kind of cut makes you look fantastic and which colours make you look vibrant and alive. 



The secret of being stylish is being well dressed while also expressing yourself and your personality.

Together, we will develop your unique style, that fits your life, your body, your personality and your goals. 

Therefore, prior to the style analysis, it’s all about getting to know yourself and your needs in terms of style and your personal requirements, when it comes to dressing for your daily life.

After this first part,  we will check out in front of a mirror which materials are great on you and which patterns look really good.
I show you, what kind of clothing looks fabulous on you, how you can emphasize your assets and what looks great – including an outfit check. Afterwards, you will get a brief summary of our findings and results. 

On request you can also get a detailed, customized, personal style guide for an additional charge.  


Duration: approx. 5 hours (can be split in two sessions)

Are you interested? I’ll be happy to give you further information or make you a personal offer.


The style coaching is for you, if… 

  • it’s hard for you to find clothes that look good on you
  • you are bored with the way you dress at the moment
  • you sometimes don’t know, what to wear
  • you feel like you want to discover your style or develop it further 
  • you want to look good everyday and want to feel good in your clothes
  • you are often in company or social settings and you want to feel authentic in your clothing and feel good about yourself 
  • your attire should send the right message to other people, for example in contact with clients or customers 
  • you have changes upcoming in your work life or personal life
  • you would like to express your personality also in terms of style
  • you want to save time while you are putting outfits together, but still want to feel well dressed everday
  • you want to find a style that fits your body type as well as your personality and meets the requirements of your daily life 
  • you want to avoid wrong shopping choices in the future



Find with me your best colours and colour combinations in a personal colour coaching. What makes you look fantastic? Which colour shades make you look more fresh and radiant? This individual colour consultation will give you the answers.

Discover the shades and hues that make you look fabulous.
You will also get tips for your jewellery, glasses and make up, of course.
Following the colour coaching you will get an individual colour palette, tailored to your personal best colours, included in the price. 

Duration: approx. 3 hours

Are you interested? I’ll be happy to give you further information or make you a personal offer.

The colour coaching is for you, if…

  • you are curious, which colours and shades can make you look fabulous
  • you really want to know your individual best colours and hues and therefore don’t want a simple 4-seasons colour consultation 
  • you want to look more fresh and have a glowing complexion
  • you would like to look more youthful, radiant or vibrant
  • you have a desire for more colour in your wardrobe, but you are insecure what colours really work for you
  • you like getting compliments
  • you want to save time and money at future shopping sprees, for now you know what makes you look stunning


If you already kown, that you want to book both, the individual colour consultation and the personal style development, I recommend to you the Image Coaching Package.

That means, if you make all session appointments within 3 weeks, you will get a special price on:
Colour Coaching, including individual colour palette (1 session) 
+ Style Coaching (1 or 2 sessions, as prefered) 
+ detailed, specially customized personal style guide 

 10% discount compared to seperate booking

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