A positive attitude to yourself and a stronger self-esteem and positive appearance can help you make so much personal progress – take you closer to your goals, to more success and more enjoyment of life. That’s why I want to support you to develop a more positive view on yourself, enhance your strenghts and improve your self-esteem, charisma and presence.
So that you can feel good about yourself and be authentic and positive when you are with others.  


Improve your visibility, your presence, your charisma! Show others what’s inside you. Develop a positive self-image and a caring attitude for yourself. Enhance your qualities and become the best version of yourself.

Far too often, we are hindered to show our best self and our full potential by our negative ways of thinking or old habits and perceeptions of ourselves. I want to provide some guidance for overcoming these obstacles, developing a positive self-image, strenghten your presence and help you to let your light shine – the special something that makes you unique.  


Duration: individually, customized to your needs and your personal requests 

If you want to learn more, contact me for further questions or make an appointment for a free of charge first talk.


This coaching is for you, if…

  • you want to strengthen your charisma and attract positive attention in your job or your personal life 
  • you want to (re)discover your personal strenghts
  • you wish, you would feel better about yourself and in your skin
  • you are sometimes overlooked or not taken serious
  • you want to be more appreciated by others
  • you got the feeling that you are not good enough
  •  you are tired of being a wallflower
  • you are still searching for your dream job/dream partner/dream life and therefor you want to bring on your best self
  • you want to create a more positive life and you are ready for a change and to work on yourself
  • you’d love to be happier, more vibrant, alive and authentic 


Everyone can learn to overcome insecurities and – also when with other people – be more confiedent and attract positive attention. 

In this training, you will learn to change your inner and outer attitude to the better. IWith the help of several exercises you can learn to grow a more confident mindset. And I will teach you some methods from vocal coaching and body language, that you can adapt into your life to make a more confident and poised apperance. Regardless if you are on a stage, in your job (e.g. at a presentation) or just in your normal, everyday life.  


Durantion: individually, customized to your needs and your personal issues

If you want to learn more, contact me for further questions. Or make an appointment for a free of charge first talk, to find out if I am the right trainer for you. 


This training is for you, if…

  • you are often insecure, when in social settings with other people 
  • you would like to have more confidence and poise in your job or your daily life
  • you have problems talking in front of a group or holding a presentation
  • you’d love to be more confident, convincing and positive around other people
  • you are often comparing yourself to others in a negative way
  • you are feeling uncomfortable with yourself in a social setting with people you don’t know
  • you are tired of being overseen or not taken serious
  • you are ready to do something about your situation and make some changes

My coachings and trainings are no alternative or replacement for a psychological treatment or a therapy. If you are suffering from depression or other severe psychological problems, please, do yourself a favour, make an effort and get some professional help from a doctor or a psychologist! This is the first step for you to overcome your problems.

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