Hi, I am Thea.

(Self)Image Coach, Stylist, Singer


What I love most about my work is to watch other women flourish and becoming more visible and confident

For me, it’s fantastic to support them in their personal growth and I find it amazing to see how they develop their potential, gain more joy of living, create a positive life for themselves and achieve their goals.

This is what motivates me.


I am positive, that everyone of us is something special, with her own beauty and her unique skills and talents. And I am sure, that a positve attitude, a winning appearance and personal style is not just for celebrities or people with a special gift. On the contrary, we all have these things inside of us! You just have to bring it out!
It doesn’t matter if you are lively and outgoing or more on the introverted side, if you have the measurements of a model or if you are a bit bigger.  

You can win more quality of life, become more successful in your career, have a convincing apperarance and create a positive life, if you change your daily grind and do something for yourself. If you develop a positive attitude to yourself, take responsibility for you, feel good in your own body and find a style that matches your personality and your goals, then you can go out there, show your potential and rock your life. 

There is an awesome, special, unique women inside of you. I’d love to help you discover this best version of yourself and become visible and successful on the stage, which is your life.


I don’t have a secrect recipe or a magical formula to give you. But I can share my knowledge, my insights and my experiences.

I am positive, that everyone of us has everything inside her to create a positive life. And for this, I would like to give you food for thougt, tools and impulses. 

My knowledge about body language, stage presence and the use of your voice from my own vocal training and over 20 years stage experience as a singer. My professional experience as a trainer in staff development and sales in a large cosmetics group, my work experience as a salesperson in fahion and cosmetics, my trainings as image consultant and as personal stylist. And there’s also my personal life experience, my own knowledge about the feelings you have when you neither feel comfortable in your skin nor good about yourself but also what huge changes you can achieve, when you change your self-image positively.  

Respect and an empathetic view is key in all my coachings and trainings, but also clarity, honesty and a good pinch of joy and fun. 

I believe, that everyone is responsible for her own life and how she lives it. This means, I can accompany you on your way and give you orientation, but it’s your task to lift your feet and go.  What you get out of my coachings and trainings depends on what you make of it and how you implement it to your life. If you are eager to make positive changes and willing to do the work, then you are in the right place. 

Learning new things and educating myself further is something I love and can never get enough of. Especially when it comes to topics like personal growth, positive psychologie and various coaching methods. This does not just help me to offer you good advice, but it also me personally with my own growth and development and to continously create a better life for myself.


For a long time, I hadn’t got a positive self-image. To be honest, it was lousy. 

I was unhappy with myself and my accomlishments, I felt never good enough and felt uncomfortable in my own skin. On the ouside, I tried to hide that as good as possible. But on my inside, I was miserable and eventually, I lost my zest for life. Finally, I got ill – and to make matters worse, I also became heavily overweight. 
That was the moment, I didn’t want to live like this any longer. I didn’t want to feel miserable, sad and inadequate any longer. 

Since then, my life has changed. Or more precisely, I changed my life. 

I decided to adopt a new course, take a new path. Away from feeling insecure and unhappy, towards a positive self-perception, more joy and a happier life. I took responsiblity for myself, got myself help and support and had wonderful companions who helped my to keep orientation and focus on this new path.

Sure, sometimes I was afraid. I had to learn to deal with setbacks and to get back on my feet and take another step. With tiny steps I made my way forward, detoured sometimes, but finally, I accomplished to see myself from a new, loving perspective, to loose weight and the best of all: I regained my joy and my zest for life.

I am nowhere near the end of this path. I am still learning. My life is far from perfect. But then, what can one call perfect… I feel good. I still have lots of goals and visions. What would life be without challenges, after all?

But even tough I have not accomplished everything and haven’t reached all my goals yet – I already learned lots along my way. And this is, what I would love to share with other women. We don’t have to feel inadequate and miserable. We can change our perception of ourselves and our perspective on the world and as a result, create a positive future for ourselves.

If you are ready for positive changes, I would like to accompany you a little bit on your own path.

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